Wednesday, 6 May 2009

After Event - Fashion Revolution Reloaded

Whaoo! It was two weeks ago that we had FR: 2 = Fashion Revolution Reloaded on the Island, at Club O2. Really, it was a revolution in the Fashion Industry of Nigeria. Nothing was conventional from the Red-carpet to the performances and the runway modeling. It was fun all through.

Although, we had three designers on our bill, billed to showcase at the event but it was only two of them that were available at the venue. All efforts was made not to let the absent of one of the designers wane us down and in essential not to dapple the spirit of our guests. We, at Kowry Kreations Media, realized through this project that some people are not just ready to move on or perhaps they’re not hungry for success as LES BROWN, an all time motivational speaker will put it.

As stated in the invite message sent out before the event that the red-carpet would be the opening segment of the event, it was fun with personalities from various sector of the entertainment industry and other disciplines on the red-carpet which was covered by Spice TV, the fashion arm of SOUNCITY, GML Entertainment, GeneX Magazine, Guardian Life Magazine and some others. At some minutes past 9 p.m. the curtain of red-carpet dropped, and the showcasing prevailed.

The most recent best actor in Nigeria as rated by the Nigerian Breweries through one of her brand promotional shows, Amstel Malta Box Office (AMBO), Wole Ojo set the ball of the show rolling immediately after he gave the opening remarks.

The brand Buga Fash, exhibited first and his designs were indeed what could be describe as perfect. Few designs but well packaged.

Her-Bay stitches, a fairly known brand exhibited three sets of styles ranging from native attires to english wears to crazy outfits, having Denrele Edun as his brand ambassador. The guests who could not curtail their excitement giggled, in fact some of them laughed out each time Denrele Edun mounts the runway. Seun, a presenter with Spice TV, also model for the brand.

Ibiyemi was really at the height of her performance mood, she thrilled everybody with her matured voice and music. Sage Has.son, the spoken-words master didn’t disappoint his fans at all with his poem: Behind. Slim and Ginger, gingered with their classic dance, while Laf-up, the comedian, cracked ribs with his intelligent jokes.

FR:2 was anchored by Seun Ajayi and Oyindamola Adesina, Stage managed by Segun Olawoagbo and produced by Aderemi Adegbite.

We appreciate everybody that came out to support us for this project. We are indeed grateful to the Volunteers, thanks a million times.

You can get pictures of the event by clicking on this logo
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Photo(c)Charles Okolo, 2009


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Thanks Bella. We are all ready following your blog on our blog, I guess it's the last on the list of blogs we following.

We're currently working on two events: P.A.G.E.S and POETRY POTTER bill to hold on May 29th and 30th respectively.