Friday, 25 September 2009

Don't leave your SWAGGER!

Don't leave your SWAGGER at home, come with it!

The stage is set. Tomorrow is the day when Poets/Spokenword artistes will make a statement that will play a roll in the history of poetry and performance poetry in Nigeria and Africa.

Poetry is in everything called entertainment. The business aspect of this genre in the Nigerian and African orature is essential for its promotion and income generation too.

Come join us as we at Kowry Kreations Media raise the bar of poetry business in the country and Africa at large, with this edition of POETRY POTTER, our monthly poetry event.

Sage Has.son, the spokenword artiste that will never accept to being refer to as Rap artiste, will be around and his new spokenword CD will be on sale.

Our guest artistes: Plus One and Felyne will blow your mind. Remember Plus One is a new group of three young energetic and creative minds, accepted with their debut album. And Felyne, a female Nigerian-American Rap artiste, has made her mark in the music industry in the US and ready to make her mark in the Nigerian music industry - a sub-sector of the Creative Industry, which is expected to start contributing at least 30% to the Nigeria GDP per annum.

Note: Dress for the REDCARPET.

Call 08057143261 for any info.

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