Sunday, 18 October 2009


"Representing NAIJA" is the tag for the 31st edition of POETRY POTTER. The tag is neither ordinarily used nor used as cliche, it was creatively coined to be used for this edition of the event, by the Image/Branding Director of KKM, Mr. Segun Olawoagbo, as October is the Independence Month of Nigeria (NAIJA).

Also, Kowry Kreations Media (KKM) is going down with The Future Awards (TFA) on the "I represent Naija" theme of the 5th edition of the truly Nigerian Youth Awards, by RedStrat, this month.

There is no doubt that this edition of the event will surpass the previous in all ramifications. It's going to be a gathering of young meaning Nigerians under one room in a serene atmosphere of the Rounda Hall, National Library, Alagomeji, Yaba, Lagos. To discuss the present and future of Nigeria creatively, with rendition of rhythmic words and lines which will be accompanied with nice rhythm.

As Yoruba will say, ariwo ko o, it's not unnecessary noise that will drive home the change (the real change) that the country is currently clamouring for, it's by meeting and discussing the issues with creative approach. And this is the reason why KOWRY KREATIONS MEDIA is in partnership with THE FUTURE AWARDS for this very edition of the literary arts monthly platform.

Therefore, let us all, the youth stand up and say YES to change today, in securing our FUTURE. Because yesterday is gone, today we can't stop but tomorrow we can predict like the world leaders and organisations i.e USA, UK; UNESCO, WHO, G8 etc.

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