Friday, 23 July 2010

Sangodare Ajala won the National Art Competition 2010

African Artists' Foundation is happy to announce the winners of this year's edition of the annual National Art Competition which held at the Civic Center Lagos on Wednesday, 21st July, 2010. The grand finale was well attended by art livers, art practitioners and corporate individuals. 

The winners are:

1st prize winner- Sangodare Ajala- N1,500,000
2nd prize winner- Stanley Dudu- N1, 000, 000
3rd prize winner- Fidelis Odogwu- N500, 000

All thirty finalists will however be part of an all expense paid workshop on a date to be announced shortly.

Sangodare's work

The Fire of Nigeria Burns Strongly
My artwork is inspired by the oral traditions and myths that I was born into: that of the Yoruba people.  But the meaning transcends any single religion or belief.

When our forefathers settled in Osogbo they were looking for water.  The hunters went into the forest and they came to the Osun River, but the Goddess Osun of the River said, “Do not settle here.”  So they went to another place and again the Goddess said, “Do not settle here.”  They lit a fire, and they danced around the fire and they saw that the fire healed people. The Oba saw that the fire of lamps cleansed and healed, so they settled in Osogbo. They found peace.  It was a new beginning.

I chose to represent Nigeria at 50 through this artwork because its’ symbols are universal.  It is a about our beginning, as a country, and to continuous new beginnings.  It speaks of joy, peace and strength.

Fire is a strong element: without fire there is no life.  Fire cleanses; it heals; it prepares us for change and new beginnings.  The fire of Nigeria burns strongly. 

Today, just as our forefathers before, Nigeria is looking for peace and good forward movement at 50.   We pray that our fire is not quenched.  We dance for happiness and freedom in life.


t said...

This is real money, fa.
It's also beautiful (and well packaged) work.

Aderemi Adegbite said...

Don't tell me you are planning on buying your painting-brushes and painting-utensils for the next edition of this competition. Because the way you stress the monetary value of this competition calls for suspicion (lmao). said...

Good work. Does anyone know of any forthcoming Art Festival or exhibition for kids in or around Lagos Nigeria . My 12 year old son is seriously into arts. I need to get him encouraged and exposed.