Wednesday, 15 December 2010

GLOBAL PRAYERS - Redemption and Liberation in the City

metroZones, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin and Viadrina University, Frankfurt Oder (Germany)


GLOBAL PRAYERS - Redemption and Liberation in the City
About new religious movements in Lagos, Beirut, Rio de Janeiro, Mumbai, Berlin

Presentation and discussion at JAZZ HOLE, Lagos 17th of December, 2-6 pm

The renaissance of religious movements and communities in the world’s metropolises as it manifests itself in the expansion of Pentecostal churches, Islamisation, or Hindu nationalism – all of which play an important role in the organization of urban citizens these days – can possibly be described as a kind of urban cultural revolution.

The interdisciplinary and international ‘Global Prayers’ project aims to research and discuss new urban religious communities by different artistic and scientific means and methods. The case studies and research projects by about 20 scholars and artists link the global aspects of the religious everyday, which has become a central feature of urban life across different religions, city types and parts of the world, with the local features and practices of specific religious communities as they have been shaped by history and urban context.

How does the urban everyday life change through new religious movements? A discussion and a critical reflection on the project with local researchers and artists and activists is an essential part of the ‘Global Prayers’ project. In Lagos, a key city in the global boom of new urban religions, we would like to discuss the main questions of Global Prayers with local experts, present some first research products, video cutouts and sound pieces from Beirut, Mumbai, Kinshasa and of Lagos itself. There will be a presentation of the works of the video workshop, organized by Jens Wenkel and Victor Okhai, as well as of the first tracks by the Hip Hop Workshop, initiated by Ade Bantu.

The public presentation and discussion will take place at JAZZ HOLE, 168 Awolowo Road Ikoyi, LAGOS 17th of December, 2-6 pm. Everybody who is interested is cordially invited to attend! The event is supported by Goethe Institut Lagos and Heinrich-Böll-Foundation Lagos.

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