Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Our Objectives

· To re-orientate and educate Africans on the aesthetics of their arts, culture and tradition.

· To correct the wrong notion of the outside world view on African arts and culture.

· To create conducive platforms where the young and old could meet frequently to discuss issues militating against the development of the African heritage and proffer solutions.

· To make African heritage appealing to both Africans at home and in the Diaspora.

· To promote African indigenous languages, through organizing language classes where they will be taught by sound teachers and lecturers.

· To organize literary events at which poetry folktales and folksongs, which were the major educational media in ancient times, will be used as the tools of promoting African heritage, ethics, arts, culture and values.

· To improve the societal standard of the Africans through arts and culture, create and embark on projects which are highly influenced by African arts and culture encapsulated in entertainment and technology for the benefit of both young and old.

· To create a distinction between African arts and culture and other cultures of the world and connect with them where necessary in the area of global civilization.

· To organize cross-cultural activities, that will cut across cultures, ethnicities, tribes and traditions in Nigeria and the African continent at large, for the propagation of cultural understanding.

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