Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Youth Empowerment Project

As a foremost non-governmental creative arts and literary organization in Nigeria. Our goals are targeted towards directing youths and the youthful to constructive and momentous usage of their God-given talents in all facets of creativity. We encourage them to shun vices like violence, thuggery, and gangsterism in our immediate community and the whole of Africa through a constructive, wholesome engagement of the arts.

Based on the success of our first project tagged: “Poetry Potter”, Kowry Kreations Media has decided to roll out an entirely new and unique concept titled: “Youth Empowerment Project.” We intend, through this concept, to showcase and empower youths who are basically doing well in their chosen careers, seasonally within the shores of Nigeria in particular, and the African continent at large. And this concept will be done through series of events such as Fashion Show, Arts Exhibition, Musical Concert, TV Reality Show amongst others.

It’s obvious that African youths have continually yearned to go abroad where individual skills dictate the rules of discovery. Thus, after being discovered, a large percent of them end up naturalizing as citizens of other countries. This was their platform for career projection in the twentieth century and the race is been accelerated in this twenty-first century.

Our submission in Kowry Kreations Media, as an African-oriented organization is that if the African continent must progress or perhaps join the league of developed continents, individualism which is the thrust of the Black African arts must be explored and exploited. This is because arts depend solely on individualism, flair and eccentricity.

For the maiden edition, we have chosen three young talented, dynamic and unlimited creative Fashion Designers, to give life to the theme: “Showcasing: The New Breed of Fashion Designers.” This show promises to present excitingly peculiar new styles of clothing for both sexes.

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