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Reviving POETRY POTTER in 2011

Dear Sir/Madam,

Compliments of the season.  

Happy New Year to you, may you have reason to cherish this season.   As in the culture of our organization, this is the honest report of our activities through 2010.

Change of Name
Since inception, January 2006,we have produced Poetry Potter, the monthly literary and performing arts event under the auspices of Kowry Kreations Media without proper registration with CAC and other relevant organizations. We tried ourbest to retain the name at the point of  registration in 2010 but wecould not cope with the rigor and process.Hence, we decided to changethe name and now we are IMAGE & HERITAGE. This name in our own opinion projects the aims and objects of the organization.

2010 Review
Last year was a mixed success for us. We recorded only two (but successful)editions of Poetry Potter and one edition of P.A.G.E.S in 2010. Thiswas the least we ever recorded in a year since 2006. And the reason forthe erratic production throughout, in spite of our conscious awareness of the problem, was the old administrative structure.

We shall henceforth produce all our projects (Poetry Potter, P.A.G.E.S,Fashion Revolution and others) under the name: IMAGE & HERITAGE. We are also registered with the Federal Inland Revenue.
Registration No: YBV130012069469
Tax Identification No: 09199816-0001
We are indeed grateful to our sponsors. Thank you as you are one ofthem.We apologize for the stress we have put you through over the yearswhenever you endeavoured to send us money for our events. We are happyto announce to you that we now have a current account with theGuarantee Trust Bank PLC; you can now send money to us from all partsof the world.

We have collaborated with reputable organizations in the past; these organizations include Association of Nigerian Authors, Lagos Chapter (ANA, Lagos),Committee for Relevant Art (CORA), Center for Contemporary Art, Lagos(CAC, Lagos) Ben Tomoloju & Company, organizer of GTB PoetryFestival and others. We look forward to a fruitful and fulfilling collaboration this year.

Please feel free to contact us through for your query and enquiry.

POETRYPOTTER, a unique platform created for poets, storytellers,folksingers,folk-dancers, artists, art promoters, cultural workers andarts journalists, to display their creative ingenuity, free of charge.

P.A.G.E.S,the confluence of literature, art works, comics and photography bringstogether patriots and compatriots in dialogue with their country -Nigeria- with their art and literature. This programme is designed toalign fictional writers, poets and playwrights, arts and literarylovers at Art Exhibition Halls around the world to give literaryinterpretation to the works being exhibited and dialogue around it atall time.

FASHIONREVOLUTION - The project is targeted towards creating opportunities forless privileged and
also to showcase young talent in the Fashionsub-sector of the Creative Industry. For the maiden edition, we chosethree young talented, dynamic and unlimited creative Fashion Designers,to give life to the theme:“Fashion Revolution.” We built on thesuccess, and in April 2009 we had the second edition of the fashionwhich was tagged: “Fashion Revolution Reloaded,” in collaboration withGML Entertainment at Club O2. We are proud indeed of the outcome ofthese two events and this is the reason why we are currently working onits third edition and scouting fashion designers to do justice to thetheme: “Fashion Revolution Metamorphosis.”

Our Plans for 2011

Wehave come up with another concept in which you can support ourorganisation- The goal of Image& Heritage is to generate funds inorder to be able to embark on arts projects for which public funding are not available in Nigeria.We hope to raise N1,000,000 for us to be able to run our projectswithout break throughout 2011. Therefore we are looking for Two Hundredpeople to give usN5,000 ($34) each.

Projects and Time
We hope to start Poetry Potter and P.A.G.E.S by March 2011.
We intend to have an edition of Fashion Revolution (Fashion Revolution Meta-more-forces) in June.

We shall keep our blog - http// until we are through with our website.

We are happy to announce to you that Poetry Potter is now online. This ispart of our 5th year anniversary. You can now read some poems presentedat our previous events on this site. Also, this site we will createequal opportunities to all by publishing your poem, short drama andshort fiction works on the site.

For the maiden edition, Amatoritsero Ede is the Guest Artiste. You cannotafford to miss his account of poetry. Sage’s Rage is on the Spokenword page, OmosunSylvester, Senator Ihenyen, Plumbline (Jaiyeola Jeffrey)and Aderemi Adegbite are poets you will enjoy reading their poems onthe Poetry page.

We are open to all forms of literature and arts. Please read our submission page. Here is the link:

Toni Kan                              10,000
Ahmed Maiwada                  25,000
Mirian Travis                          5,000
Ayodele Arigbabu                  5,000
Juwon Hasstrup                    10,000  
Total                                    55,000

Thank you for your commitment and support in 2010 and Image & Heritage hopes it can count on your support in 2011.

Aderemi Adegbite
Image & Heritage Lagos, Nigeria.
Tel: +234 708 428 7828
Blog: http//

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